Wall Heating

All you need for your comfort. All in one.

The Variotherm wall heating system ModuleWall provide heating and cooling in a single system. This is a flexible panel system which is pre-assembled for installation in walls or roof slopes. The system combines heating, cooling and wall structures!

All in one means that the ModuleWall can also be used as a wall cooling system in summer via cold water circulation. So you feel at home throughout the year!

7 good reasons to choose Variotherm Module Wall

  1. Ideal for timber-framed buildings, pre-fabricated houses, attics and renovation.
  2. Heating system: large-surface, extremely energy-saving low temperature system.
  3. Cooling system: silent, no draughts, energy-saving.
  4. Heating, cooling and finished wall/ceiling in one!
  5. A totally flexible panel system: 8 modular panels fulfil all building requirements.
  6. FERMACELL® gypsum fibreboards tested for health and safety.
  7. 10-year warranty.